Renewable energy wood pellet industryWood pellets are produced using sustainable forestry resources.  They have traditionally been used for heating homes but are now replacing coal as a source of heat for power generation.

Benefits of biomass as a renewable energy source

Forestry companies are now using what were throw-away products in the past to add more value to forestry products while creating a sustainable and environmentally healthy form of fuel while keeping healthy growing stands of carbon capturing forests.  This industry helps ensure and promote removal of greenhouse gases by allowing the growing trees to offset the carbon produced by the burning of wood pellets.

Energy from burning wood pellets is available on demand unlike other renewable energy sources.

Demand for Wood Pellets goes global – especially in Europe

European countries have set goals for reducing global warming and wood pellets fit in perfectly to their mandates for renewable energy.Coal fired power plants are converted to use wood pellets which helps bridge the power generation industry to new standards.

“The demand for industrial wood pellets for biomass conversions has been growing steadily in the U.K., Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.
There are dozens of projects in the supply chain, each of which will require a continuous and ever-increasing wood pellet supply.”

New markets have been opening in Asia as well because they lack forest resources. Areas like Japan look especially promising.

Wood Pellets start their journey around the world from Jeff Davis County

Wood pellets are produced in Hazlehurst, Georgia by Fram Renewable Fuels.

 “Alternative energy manufacturers such as Fram Renewable Fuels help keep Georgia top of mind as a strategic location for this industry, increasing our prominence around the world as a go-to location for these businesses. Georgia is fortunate to have an abundance of forestry resources for Fram to expand its wood pellet operations, and meet the growing needs of its global customers.” Governor Nathan Deal 

Not only are sites and raw materials readily available, but the transportation is in place for moving product around the world with as little carbon emissions as possible.

Port of Brunswick is a short distance and accessible via rail. The Forestry Industry is at the heart of Jeff Davis County so there’s a readily available workforce.


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