Advanced Manufacturing

Jeff Davis County is home to several large advanced manufacturers

Advanced Manufacturing – at home in Jeff Davis County

Jeff Davis County and the surrounding region has long been a hot spot for advanced manufacturing.  Quality employees, workforce training institutions, and especially the ease of access to transportation assets have all contributed to the cluster of manufacturers.  Hazlehurst has a concentration of manufacturers that produce a variety of goods and has become a very integral part of the community’s unique identity.

Top Local Employers in Advanced Manufacturing
  1. McPherson Manufacturing
  2. EP American Footwear
  3. Propex
Georgia Souther University meets industry demands

Georgia Southern University has taken the lead in developing the workforce the region needs to support advanced manufacturing.  Georgia Southern offers a specialized degree programs in Applied Engineering – at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  The program offers concentrations in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Systems, and Engineering Management among several others.

Check outh Georgia Southern’s M.S in Applied Engineering Program >

EP American Footware: “Made In The U.S.A” Success Story

As manufacturers continue to “Reshore” back to the U.S., companies like EP American Footware have always known the value of “Made in USA,” and in particular “Made in Hazlehurst, GA.”

EP American Footwear Creates 250 Manufacturing Jobs in South Georgia

EP American Footwear will open its first footwear manufacturing facility in Hazlehurst, Georgia, creating 250 jobs and investing up to $10 million.

J & J Filters Creates 75 Jobs and Invests $950,000 in Hazlehurst, Georgia

“We are glad to be in a position to provide manufacturing job opportunities for the people of this community, and we are excited about our future growth in Georgia.”

Advanced Manufacturing

Regional Workforce Quick Stats

60 minute drive time | View the full report

Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing

Jobs for Purdue: Manufacturing Supercluster (advanced manufacturing occupations) increased by 663 jobs (13.1%) from 2011-2016, outpacing the national growth rate of 5.1%. The industries are projected to increase by 243 jobs (4.2%) from 2016-2021, outpacing the national growth rate of 1.6%

Job Concentration

Regional job concentration for Purdue: Manufacturing Supercluster is 1.39 times the national job concentration.

In other words, there are 39% more advanced manufacturing jobs in this region than we would expect to find in the average region

Cost of Labor in Production & Manufacturing Occupations

  • $49,400 Average Earnings
  • $90,600 National Average Earnings

Cost of labor in the region is below average. The regional earnings per job for Advanced Manufacturing is $49.4K, which is $41.2K below the national average of $90.6K.

Source: Emsi Q2 2017 Data Set |

Available Industrial Properties

Highway 341 Site

Industrial site owned by the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County and ready for development. Give us a call and come check out the site.

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Lumber City Site

Lumber City Site is owned by the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County. The site is available for industrial development.

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Douglas Highway Site

Owned by the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County, this is a great piece of property. The road and utilities are already developed and on site. Coastal Pines Technical College has a satellite campus at the entrance to the park.

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